Cooper & Charlie Zeiberg (he/him/his)

Consultant Support

Cooper and Charlie, both Golden Retrievers rescues, can be found wandering the office of Zeiberg Consulting, providing a productive diversion from our daily consulting activities. Cooper was found as a stray in Arkansas and brought to a kill shelter where he was never claimed. He was scooped up by a CT-based rescue group, Little Pink Shelter and provided foster care until we were lucky enough to be chosen amongst numerous applications as his humans.

Three years later, while scrolling Facebook, we came across a lost dog, a Golden Retriever, being held by Danbury Animal Control.  Charlie was found as a stray in front of the Trader Joe's in Danbury.  Once it appeared that his owner could not be found, we put in an adoption application.  We were selected again, amongst numerous applications, to meet Charlie and see how he got along with Cooper.  They were instant playmates; like they were always brothers.  We definitely won the Golden Ticket, twice over!